Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Life In Its Entirety

In life there are many times when you are so utterly confused that confusion becomes your life. However if you look too much at the confusion part and less at the living part then life will pass by and you’ll keep wondering. Instead learn to laugh at the confusion. I have learnt that thinking over something and wondering about answers to your life never helps. Instead just keep on living and one day the answer will find you. How often has it happened in your life that when you look for something you don’t find it but as soon as you start doing something else, you find it coming right in front of your eye? So why worry when all worrying does is make you age faster. Instead live it out. With confusion or without it your life will move on. So can’t we just focus on doing actually what we came here do- living. Living means eating the whole chocolate fudge Sunday by yourself without feeling guilty about those kilos, living means to sit and amaze at absolutely how many uncountable things can, at a point of time, go wrong in your life.
Sometimes during this course we find ourselves facing consequences of situations that we had no control of. We hurt a lot as we never saw it coming. But it is often the change that is affecting us more than the course of that action. We today are so busy with our lives that the slightest change will cause catastrophic affects to us. Humans evolved from apes due to their ability to adapt, but today we are too busy to do that. In this fast world we forget that even the most successful companies get thrown out of market if they do not renew themselves. So, we as humans, should once in a while kick back, relax and think of nothing but ourselves. This will help us create better versions of us and helps us in facing the situations of life. Today the most of ME times that we get is with our laptops or i-pods. Reading a good book, spending some time enjoying in the company of our own self is something that has become so under rated but is the most crucial of all. We always want to be in the top of games but we fail to practice and analyze our game of life.
I know that more often than not putting them into practice is more tough then getting into Mumbai locals, but just like that, you need to push harder and think about yourself, to actually get and enjoy a good seat. Some of these are my own experiments others are just a passing thought, but it is actually my own meditation of this weird thing called life. Life has someone managed to keep me insane enough to write this for all of you of are on the brink of losing theirs. If you do not come there then maybe you have passed this phase and find this to be true. Anyways to sum it up, love what you do, and rest will work its way out.